St (heart specialist) who does more than cardinal to cc angioplasties a year. These specialists are known as "interventional cardiologists". buy viagra online low price You may have a pre-assessment of your health a few days before the operation. jokes generic name viagra This will give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns with your surgeon. Generic viagra in usa Before a coronary angioplasty is carried out,â the arteries near yourâ heart need to beâ assessed to make sureâ the operationâ isâ technically possible. generic viagra us pharmacy This is done using a test called coronary angiography. During coronary angiography, a long, flexible plastic tube called a catheter (about the width of the lead in a pencil) is inserted into a blood vessel, either in your groin or arm. buy viagra online without prescription The tip of the catheter is guided using an x-ray to your heart or the arteries that supply your heart. A special fluid that shows up on x-rays, known as contrast medium, is injected through the catheter. discount generic viagra mg The resultingâ pictures are called angiograms. You may be asked not to eat or drink anything for four hours beforeâ a coronary angioplasty. viagra cost europe You will usually be able to take most medications as normal up to the day of the procedure, with the exception of blood-thinning medication (anticoagulants), such as warfarin. jokes generic name viagra You may also need to alter the timing of anyâ diabetes medication you take. Yourâ medical team can give you more information about this. cheap generic viagra Read more about preparing for an operation. buy viagra The operation a coronary angioplasty usually takes place in a room called a catheterisation laboratory, rather than in an operating theatre. Natural herbal viagra reviews A catheterisation laboratory is a room that is fitted with x-ray video to allow the doctor to monitor the procedure on a screen. Coronary angioplasty usually takes about 30 minutes, although it may take longer depending on how many sections of your artery need to be treated. generic viagra online You will be asked to lie on your back on an x-ray table. viagra patent expiration united states â you will be linked up to aâ heart monitorâ andâ given a local anaesthetic to numb your skin. An intravenous (iv) line will also be inserted into a vein, in case you need to have painkillers or a sedative. buy viagra for men Theâ cardiologist (heart specialist) will make a small incision in the skin of your groin or wrist and will insert a catheter. They will guide the catheter through the artery in your groin or arm, passing it through the main artery in your body (the aorta) and into the opening of your left or right coronary artery. Aâ thin, flexible wire is then passed down the inside of the blood vessel being treated to beyond the narrowed area. generic viagra without a prescription A small, sausage-shaped balloon is passed over the wireâ to the narrowed area and inflated for up to 60 seconds. viagra for sale cheap This squashes the fatty material on the inside walls of the artery to widen it. â this may be done several ti. use viagra side effect viagra buy viagra

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