N 2005, and it took a few years to get better. does liquid viagra work It's still not perfect (i mean, i can walk, but i still get dizzy sometimes), but it's improved a lot. My guess is that if you have balance problems, it's something that only improves very slowly. 19: mon mar 15, 2010 8:01am thatkat i agree with kirk on balance issues.  i have had them since my bleed in 2007.  it has gotten better and i can walk, but has never completely gone away.  stepping on ladders is iffy and some positions like leaning over to pick up something can make me fall right over.   best,kathy 20: mon mar 15, 2010 11:30pm chris c mark had major issues with balance. buy cheap viagra His ccm is in his pons (unoperable) also. kostet viagra usa He had a major bleed in nov. 2006. He had a bacterial infection in his brain which did a lot of damage, was on steroids to a while, developed steroid induced diabetes, coma, had a trach and a peg tube (tube feeding) had multiple brain procedures but not surgery to remove the ccm. He had hydrocephalus, needed a vp shunt, then had one replaced and received a second one. Had a hard time being weaned off the ventilator. 7 weeks in icu, 7 weeks in rehab. erectile dysfunction medication viagra Had to learn to do everything again. 100 mg viagra reviews His balance is still off and he still has double vision but he gets by very well with an eye patch. He's 90% back and happy to be alive. erectile dysfunction medication viagra It's all documented in the blog i kept for him at markwseymour. Blogspot. viagra online Com. Without support from folks at the angioma alliance i know he would not have made it. viagra online without prescription Their support gave me needed information, and i asked the right questions. All i can say is hang in there and keep your spirits up. We all hope there will be a cure someday soon. cheap viagra And one more thing, the angioma alliance can use a little (or a big) donation now and again. Christine 21: wed mar 17, 2010 9:31am msnoname my bleed was august 2006, but because of the blood, they were unable to diagnose my cvm in the pons/medulla region of my brainstem. buy viagra cheap  my symptoms were similar to yours, i saw 2 and 3 of everything, couldnt walk and couldnt talk. viagra canada online  i had surgery with dr. Samson at ut southwestern in november, because the mri showed it to be in a location he was hopeful he could get to it.  surgery went well, and i had no further setbacks.  my longest residual effect was due to the damage of my cranial nerves, which affected my ability to swa. lilly viagra price erectile dysfunction medication viagra

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